Iran’s proxies – periodical update

With New Year’s approaching, we at Iran Media Focus feel that a brief update is in order regarding Iran’s unofficial spokespeople in the media (see previous posts about Trita Parsi, Reza Marashi, Hossein Mousavian etc) – as well as those whose articles often appear to be dictated by the Iranian regime (Barbara Slavin). 

Hossein Mousavian’s Ahmadinejad-esque conspiracy-filled rant (see here) reveals his true colors – those he hides in the western media when putting on airs of the gentleman ambassador. This time he’s on RT, unfettered by the decorum of the gentry – and it shows. (RT’s reporting mirrors the editorial line of Press TV with its strong brand of anti-Western bias.)

Barbara Slavin, whose writing on Iran is critiqued here, once again confuses the party that needs to modify its behavior.  She notes, with a forced (and fake) air of objectivity in a recent article for al-Monitor, that:

Both sides appear to be unwilling to undertake major risks, diminishing the chances for a breakthrough or a breakdown of negotiations. The US and its partners appear to feel that time is on their side as economic sanctions bite deeper into the Iranian economy. Iran, meanwhile, is amassing larger quantities of low-enriched uranium that could improve its bargaining position down the road.

But did she conclude her article with “it is time Iran opened up its nuclear program”, or “After years of struggling with the IEAE, Iran should cooperate with the UN watchdog”? Unfortunately not.  She throws the ball back into the court of the US:

A bold offer to Iran would require President Obama to spend political capital that he may prefer to use for other purposes including avoiding the so-called “fiscal cliff,” getting his nominees for a new Cabinet approved and now in the wake of mass shootings at a school in Connecticut, gun control.

Cheap shot.  She forgets that it is the Iranian regime that has been dragging its heels for over a decade with the international community (see posts).

Her article was also timed nicely (conveniently?) to coincide with the National Iranian-American Council lobby’s press release on the matter...

This post wouldn’t be complete without at least a fleeting mention of the Leveretts, apparently Tehran’s favorite American pseudo-academic couple (they proudly update they just returned from Iran). For reasons of propriety we’ve decided not to link their latest piece here, but rather will only ask Real Clear World why it saw fit to so prominently display their drivel – which as far as we could see no other media platform bothered to disseminate (certainly not the respectable ones).

Activism or reporting?  You decide.

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